Shallow Impurities in Silicon

Shallow impurities, like Boron and Phosphorus, are impurities which require only little energy to ionize. We explain how FT-IR can be used to analyze them.

Using FT-IR to Analyze Shallow Impurities in Si (e.g. B, P…)

FTIR analysis is highly sensitive and destruction free for detecting shallow impurities in silicon and therefore a widely accepted method of Si quality control. Bruker has decades of experience in this field and offers the most powerful and up to date solutions.  

Using the CryoSAS low temperature Si analyzer:

  • Optimized for operation in the industrial environment for highly sensitive low temperature Si analysis with no need of cryogenic liquids
  • Fully automated measurement cycle and data evaluation according to ASTM/SEMI standards, including report generation
  • Quantification of group III & V impurities (B, P, As, Al, Ga, Sb) in single crystal Si down to the low ppta range
  • Simultaneous quantification of Carbon and Oxygen.

Using an FT-IR spectrometer:

Low temperature NIR photoluminescence for quantification of shallow impurities (e.g. B, P) in single crystal silicon according to ASTM/SEMI MF1389, detection limits less than 1ppta achievable. Available either with liquid He cryostat or with cryogen free pulse tube cryostat.