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MALDI Imaging made simple

MALDI Imaging made simple

SCiLS™ autopilot is a software workflow for simple and controlled set-up of MALDI Imaging acquisitions on the timsTOF fleX and rapifleX® for robust and reliable results. Find here related material and helpful information to start with SCiLS™ autopilot in your lab.

Related material

Brochure: Flyer with ordering information for rapifleX® and timsTOF fleX customers.
For installation information contact

Quickstart guide for rapifleX® users:
Technical document with a step-by-step protocol to conduct the Ease of Use workflow on the rapifleX®.

Quickstart guide for timsTOF fleX users: Technical document describing the steps to set-up MALDI Imaging acquisitions using SCiLS™ autopilot.

Quick guide Epson Perfection V850 Pro: Manual describing how to scan IntelliSlides® with the Epson Perfection scanner for compatibility with SCiLS™ autopilot.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.