X-ray Diffraction (XRD) Webinar


Uncompromised power, unmatched accuracy, unparalleled efficiency.

The D8 DISCOVER Plus combines the raw power of a rotating anode source and the world’s most accurate goniometer, with the efficiency and ease-of-use of Bruker premium X-ray diffraction solutions. Two key innovations reside at the core of the D8 DISCOVER Plus: the ATLAS goniometer and the TXS-HE X-ray source. This combination results in unrivaled data quality, in both peak position and signal to noise, for applications across the materials analysis spectrum.

This 20-minute webinar explores the impact of the D8 DISCOVER Plus for a wide range of applications, from powder to epitaxial thin film analysis, with examples including low limits of detection (LLoD), Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis and Rapid Reciprocal Space Mapping (RapidRSM).