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Neuroimaging Solutions for Freely Behaving Animals

Inscopix, a Bruker company, is the premier developer of all-optical complete, miniature, miniscope platforms during free behavior, and is focused on decoding the brain to better understand and address all neurological disorders. Their miniscope end-to-end neurotechnology stack of advanced in vivo imaging, stimulation, and data analytic solutions enables quantitative and rapid insights into brain function and behavior resulting in ~200 peer-reviewed publications worldwide using their brain circuitry mapping technology, providing hope for a future with safer and more effective neurological treatments.


In addition to miniscopes, Bruker’s recent acquisition of Neurescence offers innovative, ultralight, fiber-bundle miniscopes for simultaneous multi-region, neuroimaging in freely-behaving subjects. This novel optical illumination technology enables simultaneous imaging of multi-neuronal subtypes in up to four regions for flexible investigation of the central and peripheral nervous system with single-cell resolution, with great potential for combined neuroimaging modality research. Learn more at Inscopix.com.

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