TCI MicroCryoProbe

Proton-optimized triple resonance NMR ‘inverse’ probe, featuring four fully independent channels (plus lock channel) for simultaneous decoupling of multiple nuclei such as 13C and 15N.

Bruker Biospin’s 1.7 mm TCI MicroCryoProbe™ is the ultimate tool commercially available for unparalleled mass sensitivity. It allows for highest 1H sensitivity and also for enhanced performance on the carbon channel.

This extreme sensitivity jump makes the 1.7 mm MicroCryoProbe an ideal tool for any NMR analysis with limited sample amounts, e.g. natural products, isolated low abundance proteins, peptides or small molecules, difficult-to-express proteins, etc.

For many “real life” samples the use of this probe has been the only way to obtain spectra that allowed solving difficult problems. Natural products, where often only submicrogram quantities are available or biological samples where the expression does not yield large quantities or where the screening of thousands of compounds benefits from reduced target quantities, all these applications have received a significant boost by the use of the 1.7 mm TCI MicroCryoProbe.


TCI MicroCryoProbe examples with the following Applications:

U-13C/15N Interleukin-1b expressed from 1 ml QIAGEN EasyXpress cell free kit

U-15N/5%-13C labeled protein courtesy of Guy Montelione NESG.

Retrorsine samples provided by Dr. Gary Martin, Schering Pluogh Research Institute

Technical Details

  • Proton-optimized triple resonance NMR probe
  • Sensitivity increase by a factor of six on 1H compared to a conventional 1.7 mm probe
  • Four fully independent channels (plus lock channel)
  • Simultaneous decoupling on multiple X-nuclei such as 13C and 15N
  • Cooled 2H preamplifier for excellent stability
  • ATM (Automated Tuning and Matching) compatible
  • 30 µL total sample volume (this volume perfectly matches the elution volume of HPLC-SPE and is well suited for automation)

Sensitivity Gain

For a given amount of material a 14-fold gain over a conventional 5 mm probe and a 6-fold gain over a conventional 1.7 mm probe is realized. In some cases this can lead to an over 200-fold reduction in experiment time.
A 2008 R&D 100 Award has been presented to Bruker BioSpin for its 1.7 mm triple resonance NMR MicroCryoProbe™ with breakthrough sensitivity on a sample volume of only 30 µL.


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