TBO Probes

Triple Resonance Broad Band Probe (TBO)

Versatile room temperature broad band probe for triple resonance experiments. The optimal probe to observe any nucleus in the range from 31P to 15N and decoupling simultaneous on 1H and 19F.

An observe triple resonance high resolution probe fitted with an actively shielded single axis Z gradient for 5mm sample diameter. The inner NMR coil can be tuned to observe any nucleus in the range from 31P to 15N.

The outer NMR coil is double tuned for simultaneous decoupling on 1H and 19F. The probe is fitted with a 2H lock channel and is delivered complete with the automatic tuning and matching accessory.

Technical Details

  • Inner coil optimized for detection of nuclei from 31P to 15N
  • Outer coil tuned for 1H decoupling or observation
  • Separate 19F channel
  • Available from 400 to 600MHz
  • Sample diameter 5mm 
  • Z-Gradient at all frequencies
  • Automated tuning and matching device (ATM) optional
  • Full automation for any experiments with X, F and H nuclei

Service and Support


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