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Bruker cements investment in Thailand as it celebrates 25 years

Since opening the Bruker BioSpin Thailand office 25 years ago, we have continued our investment programme in the country.

The office opened in Bangkok, where just a few nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers were installed at the time at the country’s top universities. With NMR at the heart of the Bruker business and the scientific community in Thailand growing rapidly, Bruker opened the office to provide support at pace, on a localised level. Now, Bruker has introduced the Bruker CALID and Bruker Nano businesses into the region too, to continue to support the country’s growth.

Bruker not only provides technical support to the scientific community, but also has facilitated scientific collaboration between like-minded researchers both across the country and globally.

This level of integration has been propelled by Bruker’s strong employee retention rate that enables strong and trusted client relationships. With the majority of customers in Thailand based in academia, an increased presence in instrumentation and subsequent technical support has allowed the region’s scientists to take their place on the world’s scientific stage.

Over the past couple of decades, the NMR installed base in Thailand has grown considerably and demand continues to increase as research accelerates.
The Thai government has introduced the Thailand 4.0 policy with a key goal of moving Thailand to the value-basis position of innovation and technology, creating more opportunity in the science and technology sectors. Bruker’s analytical solutions are continuing to play a significant role in the initiative, which is in alignment with the Bruker values of ‘innovation with integrity.’ Bruker is also part of the Science Society in Thailand, underlining its commitment to connecting scientific research groups.

With the continued investment in infrastructure in the country, the Bruker Thai office is working closely with its South-East Asian support teams across Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, as well as our dealer partners in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines, to help support customers in the application of NMR.
Bruker was founded by scientists, for scientists and, through its increased presence across the world, can build international collaborations with scientists across the globe. As Thailand continues to invest in science and technology, Bruker’s team in Bangkok and beyond is poised to support this growth.