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Taking a fresh look at Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Team in Bruker China

Yulin Liu (刘育林)

China Sales Director, Yulin Liu, shares his goals for Bruker China’s Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) team.

The Bruker China MRS department has played an important role in the development of the global scientific research market. Part of Bruker BioSpin, the division dates back to the 1970s. During that time, the team has grown to more than 70 employees.

Continuous improvement

Yulin and his team are committed to maintaining long-term relationships with customers. It is these relationships that have provided stability for the team that, in return, allows them to further expand the Chinese NMR market and provide customers with better services and products. In Yulin’s words, “Flowing water does not stagnate,” which is an apt description of the approach to innovation and continuous improvement.

Yulin continues, “The connection between Bruker and our customers has always been very close. I still remember how customers were reluctant to retire a magnet that had served them for nearly 25 years, and I also remember how Bruker’s senior engineers always tried their best to rescue a quenched spectrometer. I am always impressed and deeply touched by our customers’ passion for NMR technology and their desire to treasure their Bruker instrument. This close relationship is based upon the trust of customers in Bruker and its stability and service.”

Thanks to the world class reputation of our renowned NMR spectroscopy, we must always be at the top of our game: “The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility we carry.” 

A unique market

Another challenge Yulin recognizes is establishing a working method that is suitable for Chinese customers based on the company’s existing structure. Rapid development and changes in China have highlighted the unique needs of the Chinese market. Products, processes, and services must meet customer requirements, so internal adjustments and improvements are made to better meet their needs, implementing customized solutions if required.

Taking into account the long-life cycle of NMR instrumentation, Bruker must become more than simply a vendor, but also a service partner to the market.   

A leader by example

For Yulin, the most important part of his role is being able to work together with team members to resolve problems by encouraging communication across the team. He believes that creating an open and inclusive environment is critical for high performance and that it is important to lead by example, using behavior to affect how a team works together. Setting social responsibility-orientated corporate culture goals means that quantifiable and sustainable business goals can then be introduced.

In the training process Bruker values the development of its people. Together with the desire to learn, take initiative and continually seek the opportunity to grow with Bruker, there is a strong opportunity to follow an exciting career path. Yulin explains, “At Bruker, we look for a positive and optimistic attitude and a willingness to meet the challenges we face every day. We must face any difficult problems together to help each other as much as possible.”

Yulin continues, “Communication is key to be a part of my team and the wider Bruker business. We must collaborate well with colleagues in other functions of the business to reap the benefits for the customer.”

As Yulin says, “Our predecessors planted the trees so that we can benefit from the shade.” In terms of Bruker’s innovation and support in the Chinese market, the team will never stop looking for new ways to add value for the NMR business of the future.