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Bruker – an exciting career choice

Author: Mr. Zhao Yue, General Manager, Bruker Optics, China

Here, Mr. Zhao looks at why a career at Bruker is an exciting choice

We offer many varied and exciting opportunities to people joining our Bruker family, whether they are a new graduate or an experienced professional.

I can speak from personal experience, as, since graduating in 1991, I worked for several large analytical instrumentation businesses, progressing to leadership roles before joining Bruker. This is the first time in my career that I’ve worked for a company with a German heritage and I have been very impressed. Bruker’s core values of integrity and innovation underpin the entire operation, from new product development to customer service, and their effect is far-reaching.

A scientific legacy

When I first joined Bruker, I travelled to Germany to meet colleagues in Ettlingen and was struck by the fact that many Bruker employees come from a scientific background. This, I believe, reinforces our credibility and depth of knowledge as a business within the scientific community and is just one of the many positive legacies that our founder, a university professor, instilled throughout the company from day one.

A tremendous amount of expertise and technological know-how is passed down, providing an excellent training ground for young people joining the business. There are in-depth, structured training programs that open the door to self-development and continuous improvement.

Continuous innovation

The Bruker strategy of continuous innovation and business acquisition gives new starters room for development and the opportunity to take on leadership roles within new businesses and new product fields.

The respect that Bruker engenders, as well as our long history of innovation in cutting-edge technology means that we have an enviable position in the industry. Our employees will have the opportunity to work with some of the most respected experts and technical leaders in the world. Not only are the learning opportunities significant, but there is also the possibility to earn credibility through association with some of the greatest names in modern analytical science.

A global opportunity

I would strongly encourage any young person to consider a career with Bruker. If you connect with our values and have a passion for your work, and are willing to grow with our business, then this a is huge opportunity. As a large, global organization, we offer roles not only for scientists, but also across our management departments, finance & accounting, HR, and sales & marketing. Bruker continues to invest in China, and has application centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and the team is expanding year over year.

It is the people at Bruker who make us the organization we are today. Our employees greatly value our leadership training programs. We’re very proud of the achievements of all our people across the world and the future they are helping to build.