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Corporate Social Responsibility - Our People

Health and Wellbeing at Bruker BioSpin

Corporate Social Responsibility - Our People

Health and Wellbeing at Bruker BioSpin

Work. It occupies a significant portion of our life - approximately one third of it.

Our people are the narrative behind Bruker. Their diversity, creativity and talent enable us to bring innovative technology to science communities across the world to improve quality of life. We want their time at work to have a positive impact on their lives. Supporting our employees' health and wellbeing, therefore, is an important focal point for Bruker and has been the driving force behind a number of internal initiatives.

At our sites in France, Germany and Switzerland, we have installed water stations throughout the campus buildings and given all staff personal reusable water bottles for free refills. Employees can choose between still, sparkling, ambient, and chilled water. Our employees have particularly welcomed this water initiative for its health benefits and the positive impact on the environment - dramatically reducing the number of single-serve plastic bottles.

It's not always easy or convenient to make appointments for health checks around working hours. To make life a little easier for our staff, we have introduced Health Days. In the past we have invited qualified, out-of-house professionals to our Rheinstetten, Germany, and Wissembourg, France, sites to promote and encourage good physical and mental health. The team of specialists provided opportunities for our staff to participate in various activities, workshops and lectures such as measuring muscle tension and heart rate variability, stress management, electromagnetic fields and health, ergonomics at the working place, a medical check-up to measure cholesterol, glucose and blood pressure, balance board, yoga, and dietary advice. Staff were free to dip in and out of as many of these activities as they want, all offered free of charge during work hours.

Due to the current situation facing the Covid-19 pandemic, this year's annual health day in Germany will be organized remotely: experts will hold sessions on stress management and healthy nutrition to which our employees can have access throughout the day.

To further promote wellbeing, we also support sport and leisure activities. In Fällanden, Switzerland, an in-house fitness studio is available for our employees, and we offer annual tickets for staff and their families to visit the nearby Zurich Zoo. Each ticket grants entry for up to four people and is hugely popular among our employees to enjoy quality family time together. In Germany, Bruker employees have access to a bicycle scheme for their commute to work and for their families via our subscription to JobRad - a national company that offers a range of fully serviced bikes. In France and Germany, Bruker teams of employees regularly participate in different runs such as "Le relais du houblon" or "Die badische Meile".

These are only some of all the actions that are undertaken to promote health and wellbeing at Bruker.

As a company that prides itself on developing talent and inspiring creativity, we can also confirm that supporting a healthy and happy workforce is undoubtedly good for productivity - and therefore good for business.