Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

New Sustainable NMR Probe Center Creates Baseline for Production Increase of up to 50%

Corporate Social Responsibility - Our Sustainable Business Practices

New Sustainable NMR Probe Center Creates Baseline for Production Increase of up to 50%

When an opportunity presents itself, it is important to take it, especially when it opens doors to a host of additional benefits. For Bruker BioSpin, a well-timed opportunity will result in a new and sustainable Center of Excellence in Switzerland with the infrastructure to significantly improve nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) probe production and repair.

The purchase and renovation of new premises allows us to incorporate sustainable infrastructure features, optimize our workforce and production methods, install state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and help address the increased demand for NMR probes including ultra-high field (UHF) and respective repair services.

Sustainable Infrastructure Features

We have gone to great lengths to make our new Fällanden Center of Excellence more sustainable:

  • Solar panels will cover the whole roof to provide a maximum power output of 130 kW.
  • Connection to the heat network with use of wastewater for our heating, additional biogas heating.
  • A new energy-efficient compressed air system that minimizes consumption and provides heat will be installed.
  • Energy-efficient LED lamps will replace old lighting.
  • All new windows will be triple-glazed.

Through these infrastructure initiatives we will not only reduce our CO2 emissions by a substantial 30 tons per year, but we will also become significantly more energy efficient, which makes good business sense and helps to protect our planet.

Optimized Ways of Working

Modification of the building also provides the opportunity for us to optimize production, office space, and our operating procedures. Rather than having approximately 110 employees scattered across four buildings, they will be placed together in cross-functional teams under one roof, encouraging communication, knowledge sharing and innovation. The building will benefit all employees by making it a safe and modern space to work, enabling greater efficiency for all. The new cross-functional layout means our employees will be able to work collaboratively in a sustainable environment that they can be proud of.

Meeting Growing Global Demand

Building the Center of Excellence is also our response to the growing global demand for NMR probes and our services. Production facilities have been designed to allow a production capacity increase of approximately 50% in a future-proof plant.

Now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the urgency to support researchers across the world has reached a new zenith. Our future extra capacity will allow us to further step up production, increase throughput and shorten lead times. Despite the pandemic, we are continuing to invest in innovation, including increasing our ultra-high field business, and infrastructure to enable us to continue supplying the products our customers need.

What started as a surprising opportunity will become the biggest and most modern NMR probes competence center worldwide, that will let us make the workspace more efficient for our employees, our customers, and our planet.