Günther-Laukien-Fund for Young Scientists

“Innovation should be grounded in a clearly defined societal benefit.”

Prof. Günther Laukien’s understanding of the immense benefits of technology in science and research, combined with his technical expertise and entrepreneurial vision is unique. With this vision he has laid the foundation for democratizing scientific knowledge.

The Prof.-Günther-Laukien-Fund for Young Scientist is aimed at fostering the spirit of scientific exploration and innovation among young scientists aged 12 to 25.


This fund, with an annual volume of 20,000 EUR, is dedicated to supporting research projects in the natural sciences that demonstrate an interdisciplinary approach and a strong focus on innovation.

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Application will be available October 1st

Every year, the fund is allocated to multiple projects, providing young researchers in the Technology Region Karlsruhe with the resources they need to conduct their studies. It offers flexibility in terms of research stays and conference visits, and also facilitates the acquisition of necessary equipment. Moreover, it opens up opportunities for continuing education, further enhancing the skills and knowledge of young scientists.


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