High Fidelity MALDI Imaging

Magnetic Resonance Mass Spectrometry (MRMS) offers unrivaled mass resolving power and outstanding mass accuracy in the ppb range. This results in high resolution MALDI Imaging data with the ability of straightforward identification of compounds from tissue directly with utmost confidence. Analyzing drug distribution and metabolization, label free visualizion of drug and metabolite separately is an enormous advantage in comparison to radioactive labeling procedures as whole-body autoradiography. 

Increased speed by 2xR technology
The new 2xR technology allows enhanced speed or mass resolution by new detection options. This enables MALDI Imaging resolution in excess of 200.000 at 800 m/z and <0.6 ppm mass accuracy at 1Hz scan speed. The combination of high mass accuracy and Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) results in confident identificiaton of analytes.

Analysis strategies using SCiLS™ Lab
SCiLS™ Lab
allows the comparison of several images in one workflow and gives different statistical options to gain more information out of your sample. Therefore different unsupervised approaches such as segmentation, PCA or PLSA provide an initial understanding of the homogeneity of your sample set and the overall quality. Additionally lists of hundreds of analytes can be uploaded and visualized to get an idea about interesting changes in the organ of interest induced by a certain drug. Comparison of different groups by using a predefined list of interesting candidate peaks or just by screening the whole data set with different statistical tools can easily give further information about for example the effects of drug treatment or other questions can be solved.

Lipid Images in rat brain

Continuous Accumulation of Selected Ions
To enhance the intensity of specific analytes of interest, the Continuous Accumulation of Selected Ions (CASI) option allows an enhanced dynamic range and a lower limit of detection for your compound of interest. The new Multi CASI option allows the analysis of a specific drug in one CASI window and the accumulation of a specific metabolite in another CASI window which can be enhanced up to 14 CASI windows.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.