Industrial Solutions

Bruker’s innovative and reliable industrial solutions support industries and organizations in delivering high-quality products and materials

Analytical Innovations for a Broad Range of Industries and Applications

Today’s industrial climate demands that your business meets more stringent standards than ever before. You should not expect anything less from your analytical and quality control tools. Bruker’s extensive product portfolio and innovative solutions will help you drive productivity and quality to meet tomorrows demands.

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Automotive and Aerospace

Bruker delivers measurement and mechanical testing solutions to ensure optimum component quality, from R&D to QA/QC.

Cement & Construction

In cement production the knowledge about the chemical and mineralogical composition of raw materials as well as intermediate and finished products is crucial to control and optimize the process and to guarantee constant high product quality.


Our product portfolio incorporates a wide range of innovative analytical solutions, such as MS, XRD, NMR, XRF, FT-IR, FT-NIR and Raman, delivering accurate and comprehensive results – fast, reliable and with a high return of invest.
Coatings and surface refinement

Coatings and Surface Refinement

Coatings protect surfaces from scratches, damage, corrosion and/or improve the visual appearance of a product. In addition, coatings can functionalize surfaces to improve wettability and electrical and thermal insulation.


Electronics and Manufacturing

In the production of electronics, technical cleanliness and care is a key value. Bruker offers the right equipment to investigate product defects and failures and to investigate the root cause. With tools for particle analysis we help you to find the best way to assure an optimal product.

Energy and Power

The energy sector faces the ever-growing demand and requirements for cleaner and more sustainable sources. Bruker understands these challenges and provides the most advanced analytical solutions to answer the scientific and technological innovations requirements in this sector.

Gas Analysis

Nearly every gas compound has its own infrared signature, just like a fingerprint. Therefore, IR spectroscopy is a widely used analytical technique for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of gas compounds in gas mixtures.

Glass and Ceramics

Certainly glass is one of the most important and fascinating material since ancient times, although in a physical sense the description ‘glass’ might be misleading. Nowadays the description ‘glass’ is more commonly used as a synonym for a state of aggregation between fluid and solid. But this particular property of glass makes it a universal material, which can be used for countless applications.

Medical Devices and Implants

Implants and other medical devices must be safe and effective for use in fulfillment of highly specialized, high-stakes functions. Bruker provides comprehensive, high-precision solutions for the development of a vast array of medical technologies ranging from commonplace and everyday devices to complex, cutting-edge, and ongoing development projects.


Bruker’s innovative solutions contribute to the development, production and refinement of metals throughout the whole supply chain from lab to field.

Polymers & Plastics

Bruker offers comprehensive solutions for the analysis of polymers and plastics. We provide the right tools, from raw materials to product and material development and including damage and failure analysis.

Textiles and Fibers

When it comes to textiles and fibers, we follow a simple guideline - understand the application and only then provide the right instrumentation. Our portfolio ranges from the simple chemical analysis of natural and man-made fibers to the characterization of dip-on-fibers and spin finish.