Bruker MRI Award 2023

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In the light of the ISMRM 2023 in Toronto we are pleased to invite scientists to submit their research project for the Bruker MRI Award 2023.

Authors may submit one Power Point slide per study, which summaries their project using the template below. The deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2023.

When preparing your project, please include the following information:

  • Short descriptive title
  • Rationale of the research (Purpose, why is this interesting?)
  • Short description of the animal model and systems used (Methods)
  • Key findings and insights (Outcomes)
  • Future direction of study/comparison with previous methods/enduring challenges (Relevance/Perspective)
  • List of authors (including an e-mail address for direct contact) in the courtesy note.
  • Please enter all relevant acquisition parameters and methods/materials/animals used in the comments section of the PowerPoint slide as a reference.

Graphical elements (MR images, spectra, result diagrams, photos etc.,) should be included as JPEG or TIF format with a minimal resolution of 300 DPI, as animated GIF movie or as embedded movie file (If a WMV file is used you can ensure compatibility of the video with the inbuilt compatibility function in PowerPoint 2010 or later: File > Info > Optimize Compatibility).

Presentations and materials may be arranged by Bruker based upon the graphics and text received. We reserve the right to select and publish the data and images without further notice.
We greatly appreciate receiving any material you choose to send.

By submitting your project, you agree that your data and images are used at the Bruker booth at conferences, on, in Bruker product brochures, and during oral presentations given by Bruker personnel. We assure you that all authors and the institution will be acknowledged in all instances.

After your successful submission, you will receive written confirmation by e-mail.

Abstract Evaluation

Abstract Evaluation

By providing sufficient details, you ensure an effective review process. All submitted abstracts will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria: importance for the MRI and Preclinical Imaging Community, significance of work, and clarity.

Recognition of the Winners

Recognition of the Winners

We want to continue the tradition of valuing the great work of scientists and researchers in the area of Preclinical Imaging by recognizing the winners at the Bruker Scientific Workshop during the annual ISMRM Meeting. In 2023, the ISMRM will be held as a joint Annual Meeting & Exhibition ISMRM & ISMRT from 03-08 June 2023 in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Additional information about the details of presenting the work will be shared with the winners.

Upload of Abstract

Upload of Abstract

Mode of Submission

Authors are asked to use the following template to submit their research project

Drag and drop a file here or click to select.

Limit of 5 files with a total size of 19MB

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Winners of previous years

2022 Bruker MRI Award Winners

1st place: Georgios Bastois
San Francisco, CA,

2nd place: Roël Vrooman
Radboud University Medical Centre, the Netherlands

3rd place: Elton Tadeu Montrazi
Weizmann Institute of Science,

2021 Bruker MRI Award Winners

First place: Dasiy Villano
Institute of Biostructures and Bioimaging,
Torino, Italy

Second place: David Schaefer
University of Pittsburgh

Third place: Daniele Bertoglio
Molecular Imaging Center Antwerp , University of Antwerpen, Belgium

2020 Bruker MRI Award Winners

First place: Dr. Martin MacKinnon
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
North Carolina, USA

Second place: Dr. Alice Zhou
The University of Queensland,

Third place: Dr. Yuning Gu, Prof. Xin Yu
Case Western Reserve University,
Ohio, USA