Power of Metabolomics data for Biobanks*

The study of any biofluids as unique substances in each of us tiles the way for a revolution in the personalized cure, diseases prevention, allowing for early diagnosis and increasingly targeted pharmacological treatments.

Since the nature and concentration of metabolites present in a sample will form the basis for conclusions to be taken, it is essential that the chemical composition analyzed accurately reflects the sample at the time it was collected. Differences in the sample collection and conservation workflow may affect the results obtained. It is therefore important to know exactly how deviations in sample handling and processing may affect the metabolic profile to ensure highly accurate and reproducible analyses.

Professor Claudio Luchinat and Prof. Paola Turano from the University of Florence CERM, (Centro Risonanze Magnetice ) are since years investigating the information set into the biofluids metabolites.

Listen to their video interviews as they will explain how important collecting and exchanging biofluids data based on standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support the expansion of precision medicine.

* Research use only. Bruker NMR instruments are not intended for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.

Prof. Dr. Claudio Luchinat, Director of CIRMMP, Interuniversity Consortium for magnetics resonance of metalloproteins at University of Florence
Prof. Dr. Paola Turano, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Florence