Personalized Nutrition - How food can enhance your metabolic profile

NMR* based Metabolomics approaches are successfully applied in food and nutrition trait optimization.

NMR* based Metabolomics approaches are successfully applied in nutrition research to gain insight into the characterization of the various diet impacts on human metabolism.

The aim of Professor Elaine Holmes Fellowship is to make significant advances in the understanding of host-microbiome signaling in ageing which could lead to personalized nutrition.  

Listen to her interview to discover how this research is pivotal to expand the understanding of the age, diet, and lifestyle associated changes in gut bacteria composition and function.

It will help identify novel and individually targeted diets that will significantly improve our health and quality of life.

*Bruker NMR is for Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.

Professor Holmes is Director of the Centre for Computational and Systems Medicine and Deputy Director of the ANPC.
As the Western Australian Premier’s Fellow for Phenomics, Professor Holmes pioneers computational approaches to biomarker discovery by integrating multi-modal data associated with gene-environment interactions.