FT-IR in Analytical Chemistry and Academia  

FT-IR in Analytical Chemistry and Academia

Discovering Science like never Before

The benefits of FT-IR spectroscopy for chemistry applications in academia

IR spectroscopy enables us to learn more about the chemical composition of unknown samples, the course of chemical reactions and physical processes, the structure of matter, metabolism of cells, and much more. Infrared spectroscopy is a real all-rounder and can investigate almost any organic and inorganic compound in all states of matter.

Here's what you can learn from our brochure:

  • Typical use cases of FT-IR spectroscopy in chemistry, physics, material science and biology
  • Application details on challenging analytical tasks (e.g. FT-IR in water or vacuum)
  • Analytical scope of instruments from routine to high-end research
  • When time-resolved spectroscopy and FT-IR microscopy of interest
  • Coupled / hyphenated techniques and their benefits

Why download this brochure?

This brochure presents various applications in research and development, always keeping the essential in mind. Use it to get a quick overview or to learn more about  the diversity IR spectroscopy offers in scientific research.

Why stop there?

Bruker is committed to science, especially chemistry, material science, physics and biology. For this reason, we have created dedicated webinars to present recent developments and state of the art applications of IR spectroscopy: