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Animal Feed & Pet Food Analysis

Bruker Optics offers the most comprehensive range of FT-NIR solutions for quality control and formulation adjustments.

FT-NIR Spectroscopy

for QC in the Lab and Production

Quality Control for Cost-Efficiency

In order to maintain an optimum balance between costs and productivity, ingredients and finished products should be verified for nutrient concentration. Raw materials differ widely in composition, due to frequently changed suppliers, and origins, and naturally occurring ingredient variation, thus it is recommended to regularly reformulate rations and required supplements. Fourier Transform Near Infrared (FT-NIR) spectroscopy provides a fast and effective solution for all required tasks to ensure an optimal, cost-effective quality product.

Advantages of FT-NIR spectroscopy

In contrast to most wet-chemistry and other reference methods the FT-NIR technology is quick, cost- effective, non-destructive and safe, since it does not use chemicals, solvents or gases. It simply measures the absorption of near-infrared light by organic molecules in the sample at different wavelengths. Therefore NIR spectroscopy is the first choice for the analysis of all kind of materials on fat, protein, fiber, moisture, ash and more components, making it ideal for a wide variety of, ingredients, forages, and finished feeds and pet foods.

The key benefits of FT-NIR spectroscopy are:

  • non-destructive analysis
  • no sample preparation, no waste
  • no special skills required, easy sample presentation
  • no typical errors of classical lab methods
  • analysis of multiple components in less than one minute
  • suitable for any solid, semi-solid or liquid sample
To produce the optimum feed or pet food at lowest cost FT-NIR spectroscopy provides the information you need for formulation in a matter of seconds rather than hours or days when using conventional technologies. Moreover, due to the speed and extreme low cost of each single analysis, you can have a much tighter control to optimize the quality and reduce out-of-spec production.

Download the comprehensive brochure on "Feed Analysis"

This brochure will give you an overview on the benefits of FT-NIR in a modern feed quality laboratory. You will learn which are the most common products and parameters to analyze and how the measurements are carried out.

It covers the following topics:

  • Integrated Feed Businesses
  • Feed Ingredients
  • Feed & Forages
  • Pet Food
  • Premixes & Additives
  • Our valued Partners
  • Networking Solutions
  • Process Spectroscopy
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