NIR Dairy Brochure

Milk and Dairy

FT-NIR Analyzers for QC in the Lab and Production

FT-NIR Spectroscopy for the Analysis of Milk and Dairy Products

Bruker Optics’ FT-NIR analyzers for quality control in the lab and production are easy to use, reliable and cost effective. As they are all based on the same FT-NIR platform, users can choose the right analyzer for the job without having to compromise on precision and accuracy, ensuring data integrity today and in the future.

Bruker Optics’ dairy portfolio ranges from small footprint, touch screen accessible, dedicated analyzers to multiple channel analyzers for the full range of samples and fully automated in-process systems for closed loop control.

Any type of milk and dairy product of any consistency can be rapidly analyzed to:

  • Improve efficiency of laboratory operations
  • Check the identity and quality of raw materials while optimizing their usage
  • Optimize production by tightening targets and preventing out-of-spec product while reducing downtimes
  • Increase product quality and consistency with tighter control
  • Verify final product specifications and streamline compliance with regulatory guidelines
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