Oil in Water Analyzer

Oil in Water Analysis

Oil in Water Identification and Quantification by ASTM D7575

Watch our video showing the complete analysis using the ASTM D7575 method.

FT-IR as ASTM approved alternative

The current standard methods to analyze oil and grease in water use highly flammable solvents such as pentane or hexane. The ASTM approved “standard test method for solvent-free membrane recoverable oil and grease by Infrared determination D7575” is a more convenient alternative.

The ALPHA II FT-IR oil analyzer identifies and quantifies oil and grease by processing a water sample through an oil capturing membrane (ClearShotTM extractor provided by OSS Inc.).


  • Sub-ppm capability
  • Solvent free analysis
  • Fast and reliable results
  • Economical cost savings
  • Safe and simple operation
  • No hazardous waste


Analyze oil contamination in:

  • Drinking or tap water
  • Effluent industrial water
  • Ground and well water
  • River and fresh water



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