Bruker CorkScreener:
The Definitive Answer to Make a Premium Cork Stopper


Join us for a deep dive into the unique Bruker CorkScreener technology.


CorkScreener is responding to this new challenge that the cork industry is facing nowadays. How to provide guaranteed premium cork stoppers to protect the quality of high-end wine to discerning consumers? When every cork matters; discover this new fast, reliable and game changing innovation from Bruker.


Presented by Bruker specialists and partners as well as renowned experts in the cork industry, we will guide you through the new paradigm and innovation for the cork analysis showing our last development.


Bruker CorkScreener Workshop, April 11, 2024, Hotel Solverde SPA, 212, Av. Liberdade, 4410-154 S.F. Marinha, Espinho, Portugal

14:00 – Reception at Hotel Solverde Spa & Wellness Center

14:30 –  Welcome

                BRUKER - A long history of innovation and commitment with the cork industry

14:45 –  BRUKER CorkScreener

                Fast and automatic analysis of releasable TCA in individual corks under quality control standards.

                Rui Rocha, BRUKER

15:15 –  TOFWERK Vocus Cork Analyzer

                Cost effective, high throughput industrial TCA screening solutions for the cork sector.

                Manuel Hutterli and Luigi Ciotti, TOFWERK

15:45 –  Coffee Break

16:15 – CorkScreener, a smart and intuitive software for 24/7 operation

                Pedro Meneses, EGITRON

16:30 –  Individual control of the releasable 2,4,6-TCA content in cork stoppers, using thermal desorption mechanisms - State-of-the-art analytical tools for assessing the conformity of cork stoppers

                Sérgio Moutinho, Centro Tecnológico da Cortiça (CTCOR)

17:00 –  Customer Experience using CorkScreener

                Judite Peixoto, Carla Mota Gonçalves, Lda (CMG)

17:20 – CorkScreener – Last developments

                Fast analysis of haloanisoles for cork granulated and macerated.

                Miguel Ángel Pérez, BRUKER

18:00 – End of the Workshop

  • The predominant language of this seminar will be Portuguese.