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Novel Pharma Drug Development Workflow Using Advanced DNP-NMR

GOTHENBERG, Sweden – November 5, 2021: Bruker today announced that it is collaborating with AstraZeneca to bring new state-of-the-art technology to a major Swedish national research center for drug development.  Building on the AstraZeneca strategy of innovation through global partnerships, a collaboration between the Swedish NMR Center at the University of Gothenburg and AstraZeneca now offers advanced dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP) – nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology and workflows from Bruker with the goal to significantly decrease drug development times.

Dr. Staffan Schantz, Associate Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca R&D

DNP technology has taken solid-state NMR to the next performance level. Since it was first introduced, NMR technology has been a driving force in pharmaceutical product development – in fact, it is impossible to imagine developing a new medicine without NMR. Now, the DNP-enabled major increase in sensitivity is starting to open up exciting new possibilities for solid-state NMR analysis. Using the new Bruker DNP-NMR system, we can conduct experiments in minutes that otherwise would have taken weeks and were therefore ruled out as unviable. DNP-NMR is set to become a key tool in drug discovery and development.

Prof. Goeran Karlsson, director of the Swedish NMR Center at the University of Gothenburg

We are thrilled to be the first institution in Scandinavia to have a DNP-NMR instrument. We are working at the leading edge of this revolutionary technology, available to the global research community, which has only been made possible by the collaboration with AstraZeneca and Bruker’s unique NMR technology.

At the Swedish NMR Center, we are starting to understand the many applications where the non-destructive, highly sensitive technique of DNP-NMR offers potential. As the drive towards personalized medicine continues, we are starting to explore in vivo cell engineering for disease prevention – which may soon become a reality.

Dr. Anna Codina, the director of the pharmaceutical magnetic resonance business at Bruker BioSpin

At Bruker, we are proud to partner with AstraZeneca on this exciting project.  Our next-generation DNP-NMR systems open doors to pharmaceutical discovery and development areas that have until now been inaccessible.  With the enormous boost in sensitivity provided by DNP-NMR, minute details of nanoparticle structures can be examined, paving the way for successful developments in the field of nano-medicine for anti-infective, cardiovascular, oncology and respiratory applications.

Dr. Staffan Schantz concluded: “We are entering a new phase for AstraZeneca. Creating an arena for open collaboration equipped with Bruker’s state-of-the-art technology will accelerate scientific development on a significant scale.  In the coming years, we are expecting to see rapid development of different applications, not just in life sciences, but also in the fields of materials and environmental sciences.”

Bruker DNP-NMR system novel pharma drug development at Swedish NMR Center at the University of Gothenburg. Photos taken by Johan Wingborg

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