March, 2021

Bruker Pharma News

Mnova for Real-Time Data Processing and Reporting at Genentech

On-demand webinar: Register for this exciting webinar where Yanzhou Liu (Genentech) is sharing their experiences with automated real-time processing of NMR & LC/MS using Mnova Gears at Genentech.

Molecular Mechanism of Biologics Drug Delivery and Stability

Paper: Comprehensive review, with examples highlighting the role of NMR as powerful tool to investigate structure-mediated events in biopharmaceutical development: drug delivery and stability. Congratulations to the authors at Merck & Co. Pyae Phyo, Xi Zhao, Allen C. Templeton, Wei Xu, Jason K. Cheung and Yongchao Su!

Ridding the Cold Chain for Biologics

Groundbreaking paper suggesting investment in making the cold chain unnecessary for biologics delivery and storage. John P. Marino, Robert Brinson, Bruce Yu, Katharine Briggs and Marc Tabaran discuss 3 potential approaches, one of them being non-invasive QC testing at the bedside with methods such as water proton NMR (TD-NMR)!

Bead Assisted Mass Spec Assay Platform for Targeted Proteomics

Live Webinar April 15th, 2021: The webinar will focus on the detailed description of the workflow and case studies of BAMS™ assays developed for targets relevant to neurology and virology. MALDI-TOF data resulted from the assays is going to be discussed in depth.

A World of Changing Demands

Just recently, the established USP chapter <1120> on Raman spectroscopy was replaced by <858> and <1858>. This white paper gives a review on new and current performance requirements set forth by leading Pharmacopoeias.

Solid-state NMR Spectroscopy - Theory and Practice

USP intends to develop a new informational general chapter <1xxx> on solid state NMR spectroscopy which will provide useful information on current scientific and regulatory approaches for the analysis of pharmaceuticals.