Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD) Webinar

IDEAL - Invariom Derived Electron AnaLysis

Have the cake and eat it too.

IDEAL (Invariom Derived Electron AnaLysis) is the latest addition to Bruker’s APEX3 software for structure analysis. IDEAL goes beyond the traditional Independent Atom Model (IAM) using IAM scattering factors and, in addition, models scattering contributions of bonds and lone pairs.

Now you can not only collect much better data to high resolution, but also appropriately describe additional electron density that cannot be modeled properly with the Independent Atom Model alone. For the first time you do not have to choose to cut data to preserve a low structure reliability criteria R1, sacrificing additional information and overall structure quality. IDEAL lets you have the cake and eat it too!

In this one-hour webinar we introduce the theory of IDEAL, demonstrate its practical application and show its implementation in APEX3.