Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD) Webinar

Beam off! Now What?

METALJET - Your High-power, High-resolution Assurance.

Did you know that the planned APS Upgrade project will inhibit access for more than 5,000 users to one of the most powerful and renowned X-ray facilities in the world? Protein crystallography researchers will lose access to 17 macromolecular beamlines in 6 sectors.

But don't despair: Bruker has you covered. Our data from the METALJET, the brightest home-lab X-ray source, combined with the largest, no-noise photon-counting PHOTON III detector, gets pretty close to data from synchrotrons and ensures that you continue to be productive.

In this 30-minute webinar we introduce the METALJET D2+ and will share some exciting new data collected on a D8 VENTURE diffractometer with a PHOTON III detector.


Matthew Benning, Ph.D.

Sr. Apps Scientist SC-XRD Bruker AXS Inc Madison, WI

Anasuya Adibhatla, Ph.D.