The Nobel Prize – Winning Technology

JPK NanoTracker Optical Tweezers - The Researcher's Choice

Optical Tweezers (or optical traps) are instruments that use the momentum of light to trap nm to µm sized particles. Optical Tweezers can be used for performing single molecule force and motion measurements with minimal photodamage to biological samples.

Learn about exciting new applications for Optical Tweezers in the Life Sciences:

  • Principles of Optical Tweezers explained
  • Applying the JPK NanoTracker, from single molecules to live cells
  • Force measurements in the piconewton range (pN) - Non-invasive manipulation of objects
  • Sensitive and precise trapping and tracking of e.g. DNA, motor-proteins, viruses, bacteria
  • Combination of NanoTracker with other measurement techniques: fluorescence, AFM, confocal, TIRF etc.


Dr. Vitaliy Oliynyk, senior applications scientist at Bruker, has extensive experience in the Optical Tweezer technology and techniques ranging from scanning probe microscopy, to differential scanning calorimetry, ultrasonic spectroscopy and laser scanning confocal microscopy etc.