Integrated Analytical Instruments Module for Arxspan ELN (Electronic Lab Notebook): How it works (and why you should use it)

This webinar took place on December 03rd 2020


In our first webinar introducing the integrated analytical instrumentation module for Arxspan Electronic Lab Notebook, CatSci, a global innovation partner for process research and development, explained the benefits from using the module to automate its data processes. According to Guy Brenchley at CatSci: "Automating the collation and processing of routine data frees our experts to focus on interpretation and decision making."

This second webinar dives into the nuts and bolts of the module, and demonstrates how you can save time in your analytical lab.

THURSDAY, December 03, 2020

What you will learn?

Attend this webinar to learn how the industry's first module for ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) designed specifically for use with analytical instruments such as NMR and mass spec, works.

  • Integrated, highly scalable solution that automates the collection of instrument data
  • The user-friendly, cloud-based module enables scientists to automatically capture, categorize, centralize and share data and results
  • Automated Data Analysis: Instrumentation Integration

Who should attend?

Attend this webinar to understand how the module addresses the most common data challenges in an analytical lab:

  • Collection of data from analytical instruments can be time consuming and repetitive
  • Data manipulation frequently requires access to Analytical OEM hardware and software adding a barrier to data handling
  • Often require several different pieces of software to deliver a workflow

Jeff Carter

Co-founder and COO Arxspan – A Bruker Company

Jeff Carter is a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Arxspan, which offers a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook platform for managing and sharing scientific information. As COO of the company, Jeff oversees commercial and operational functions, including business development, account management, product management, and engineering. He has nearly 20 years of management experience in scientific informatics and cloud computing industries, including 23 years of software development experience.

Dr. Santi Dominguez

Co-Founder and CEO at Mestrelab Research

Santi cofounded Mestrelab in 2004, and has been its CEO since. He has wide ranging responsibilities in customer interaction, product specification and design and team and project management. He has presented and participated in multiple NMR and Mass Spectrometry conferences, such as ENC, SMASH, EUROMAR, ASMS and ACS National Meetings.