In-Depth Surface Analysis:

How to Utilize FT-IR for the Analysis of Coatings, Surface Treatments and Technical Cleanliness.

No matter where you look, functional surfaces are part of your life. Whether it's your morning shave, the paint on your car or the anti-fingerprint coating on your cell phone - specially engineered surfaces play a central role in almost everything!

In this webinar, our surface analysis expert Eric Klein will take you to his lab and work through typical examples of industrial surface analysis. We will show you the step by step analysis and troubleshooting of:

  • Treated quality razor blades for consumers
  • Painted sheet metal from the automotive sector
  • Contaminated sheet metal before refinement
  • DLC coated tools and equipment
  • Cleanliness check of soldering and bonding pads

You will learn about:

  • How to elucidate the causes of surface damages
  • Which experimental technique should be used for certain samples types
  • Proper experimental procedure using FT-IR microscopy and imaging
  • The value of FT-IR in process troubleshooting and industrial QC

We will cover the basics of:

  • Surface Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Infrared (FT-IR) Microscopy and Imaging
  • FT-IR Sampling Techniques

Who should attend:

  • Automotive QA/QC Specialists
  • Coating Experts and Surface Refiners
  • Industrial Manufacturers and Material Researchers
  • Analytical Service Laboratories

About the Speaker

Eric Klein, Bruker Optics

Sales & Application / Compact Systems & Micro Analysis

Eric Klein started as an application specialist at Bruker in 2009 and has since taken on a leading role as solution expert in failure and root cause analysis using FT-IR microscopy. He has presented multiple webinars on the topic and likes to engage with the audience in Q&A sessions.