ESPRIT Reporting and Data Management

Powerful Functions for Report Generation, Data Management and Export
Report editor


Report generation and print formatting:

  • single-command build of formatted report pages, multi page reports, and prints
  • associative report templates for different standard analyses (line-scan, mapping, multi-point, ...)
  • on-screen editing of existing reports and personalized report templates with familiar graphic tools
  • direct print facilities and graphic export (PDF) to third party software and image archives
  • fully editable report items for spectra, scan results etc.
  • graphical post-processor for images and image overlays
  • text processor for text entries, legends, result tables, plus drawing tool
  • direct exchange of data items between report generator and project manager
  • export of individual report entries in several data formats (ASCII, XML, MS Word, MS Excel)
  • easy exchange of graphic items between different programs via Windows clipboard


ESPRIT Project

Data management and filing system:

  • Extensible and hierarchically structured data management and filing tool, featuring on-the-fly data storage, internal data exchange, and archiving
  • Supports single data objects (spectra, images, result tables) and complex data types (e.g. complete line scan data base including result graphics)
  • Saving of single files or complete work session results with a single command
  • Individually retrievable data items including settings and meta-information
  • Direct import and export from and to project file
ESPRIT Project data management workspace with spectrum opened


Spectra import and export in EMSA format:

  • Universal data exchange by use of standard EMSA data format
  • Manufacturer-independent spectral data archives
  • Recognized by most laboratory data management systems
  • Compliant with legal regulations for laboratory practices