Automated X-Ray Fluorescence Measurement System


In-Line XRF for Industrial Automation

Compact & Rugged

Ready for In-Line Integration

Lightweight and ruggedized design
The XMS can be easily mounted on industrial motors or robotic arms
Select the best filter for your application
Automatically switch between 5 filters, each optimized for different energy ranges and materials
Optimal spot size selection
Choose between an 8, 5 or 3 mm collimator for the optimal spot size for your application

The Instrument for Automated XRF Measurement

The XMS is a robust and versatile sensor for automated XRF analysis, developed especially to meet the requirements for in-line quality inspection and a range of different industrial applications.

The system's lightweight (< 2 kg) and ruggedized design makes it the perfect XRF analyzer for applications where environmental and operational conditions demand portability, as well as providing an extreme robustness against shocks, vibration, humidity, and dust.

The XMS comes with a dedicated Application Programming Interface based on XML, which allows easy integration into almost any coding languages (Python, C, VB, etc.).

Other features include:

  • 20 mm2 SDD with CMOS amplifier and graphene-based window for light element detection
  • Patented DetectorShield™ for long term performance and minimal service
  • Powerful X-ray source with Rhodium target
  • High speed pulse processing electronics for maximum count rates
  • Helium flush nozzle for low-energy element detection down to Na
  • Splash and dust resistant

Versatile In-Line XRF Analysis

The XMS was designed specifically to bring the benefits of automated XRF measurements to difficult and demanding industrial environments. 

The detector is shielded using a graphene-based protective window to prevent punctures and damage whilst still providing optimum performance. When using the optional integrated nozzle for helium purges the XMS can detect down to Sodium, outperforming other available systems used for automated XRF

In addition, the XMS is portable and versatile. The system has a weight of less than 2 kg allowing it to be easily moved between production lines or transported to in-the-field locations. The compact design of the detector means the detector can be located close to samples in confined spaces, such as core samples in rock sample boxes, or goods that have already been packaged. 

Resources - XMS: XRF System for Industrial Automation


XMS Specifications

  Technical Specification
XRF Excitation source

Rh target X-ray tube, 5 kV - 50 kV, 5 μA - 200 μA, 4 W

Filters 5 software selectable filters 
Collimator Options

8 mm standard, 5 mm or 3 mm optional 

XRF Detector State-of-the-art SD detector with Graphene-based window (FWHM resolution < 145 3 eV @ Mn Kα @ 450,000 cps)
Detector Shield

Grid to protect against detector punctures

XRF Analysis Range

Magnesium to Uranium

Sodium to Uranium (with optional Helium purge)

Operating Environment

Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C

Altitude: ≤ 2,500 m

Splash/dust resistant enclosure

Sample temperature 

Default to 150 °C with Ultralene® window

Up to 350 °C with Kapton® window (max. 5 second measurement, min. 60 second cool down)  

Communication USB 2.0 (USB-B OTG connection)
Software XML-based communication protocol
Dimensions 232 mm x 105 mm x 110 mm (W x D x H)
Weight ~ 1.9 kg
Power supply 9 V DC, 3 A
Auxiliary connector Relay contacts "X-Ray ON", Safety Interlock