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The INVENIO is made to innovate from routine quality control to advanced research and development. Whether you focus on productivity, precision or if you must comply to extensive regulations, the INVENIO supports you in every regard.

Flexible FT-IR.

Exactly as you need it.

Meet our FT-IR spectrometer platform INVENIO

Learn why INVENIO has the tools you need to complete any mission in our product video.
Product manager Michel Stromereder gives you a tour of the instrument and a hands-on demo measurement.
Application specialist Sebastian Ollech demonstrates the fully automated measurement capabilities of INVENIO.

What is an FT-IR Platform? What you make of it.

INVENIO Features

  • Spectral range expansion from FIR to UV/VIS
  • Up to 7 software controlled detectors
  • Spectral resolution down to  < 0.085 cm-1
  • Time resolved spectroscopy down to the nanosecond timescale
  • Second sample compartment for two parallel set ups
  • Simultaneous FIR/MIR measurements
  • Accepts any sampling accessory with quick swappable mount
  • Intuitive software with guided workflows

INVENIO Extension Options

  • 3 output and 2 input ports
  • FT-IR imaging and microscopy
  • High throughput measurements
  • Protein analysis in water
  • Thermogravimetric analysis
  • FT-Raman
  • Photoluminescence
  • External sample compartments, and more!

Reliable. Efficient. Productive.

The INVENIO is a robust, 24/7 work station with features designed to enhance your productivity. Know that you can always trust your results thanks to smart software monitoring and the RockSolidTM interferometer, which is resistant to vibration and thermal effects.

Save time and always have two experimental set ups ready with the TransitTM feature, an independent second measurement channel with its own detector for ATR or transmission measurements. The main sample compartment can accommodate numerous accessories to analyze nearly anything. Even the bulkiest accessories can be easily inserted thanks to the lock and release button on the Quicklock accessory mount.

Swapping optical components for different experiments is also easily accomplished, but uninterrupted analysis can be performed with Bruker FM which can analyze both MIR and FIR at the same time in either sample compartment without changing anything.

Quality. Precision. Functionality.

The INVENIO features a new, high quality design from the precise optics and novel beam path to the durable outer casing. You'll see every spectral detail thanks to the high signal-to-noise ratio and spectral resolution  < 0.085 cm-1.

But the INVENIO doesn't just offer high spectroscopic precision, it's also highly functional. Take advantage of the DigiTectTM slot to easily insert a detector of your choice, e.g.  LN2 cooled. Add up to 5 more room temperature or thermostabilized detectors with MultiTectTM, the 5-in-1 automated detector unit. Between the MutiTectTM detectors, the DigiTectTM slot, and the Transit channel, the INVENIO allows for up to seven internal, software controlled detectors.

The upgraded INTEGRALTM interferometer, with an automated three position beam splitter changer, is perfect to go alongside MultiTectTM. This allows for a fully automated, single click analysis of the entire spectral range from 28,000 cm-1 down  to 15 cm-1. No need to ever manually change optical components.

Straightforward and Self Explanatory.

Operating the INVENIO is a straightforward experience for experts and beginners alike thanks to OPUS, the all-in-one software solution for vibrational spectroscopy.

Use OPUS on the optional embedded touch screen for an intuitive and streamlined measurement experience, or use it on an external PC to take advantage of more features like advanced method creation tools

Both versions support users of all skill levels with vast spectral libraries and the ability to create guided workflows for standard tasks.

Requirements change, INVENIO adapts.

The INVENIO is designed to be customized to perfectly suit your analytical needs. But sometimes those needs evolve and therefore the demands of the instrument change. That's why all core features of the INVENIO can be easily upgraded in the field at any time.

INVENIO Applications


Perform QA/QC, investigate drug stability, study proteins, distinguish polymorphs, perform tablet imaging, and more - all with one device. And of course, OPUS is compliant with all major pharmacopeias and 21 CFR part 11. Plus, all data handling is secure to ensure data integrity.


The INVENIO can investigate polymers at any stage of their life cycle, from R&D to recycling. Identify and characterize polymers in any form including finished products, multilayer polymers, or coatings. Extend the INVENIO to perform TGA analysis for studying decomposition.


Make the INVENIO your go to chemical analysis tool to verify, inspect, and characterize chemicals. Use time resolved spectroscopy for reaction monitoring and kinetics studies to research catalysts or batteries under real world conditions.

Materials and Device Development

With the ability to investigate the entire spectral range, the INVENIO is perfect for testing new materials, components, and optical devices. In addition to organic compounds, inorganic substances, and MOFs; sensor elements and lasers can also be thoroughly characterized.


The INVENIO can be used throughout development of semiconductors from quality control of silicon wafers to device development. Extensions add even more features like measuring photoluminescence and quickly analyzing large chips with FT-IR imaging.


With so many advanced capabilities, the INVENIO is a great tool for research applications. Investigate reaction mechanisms of catalyzed reactions, research new energy storage technology (spectroelectrochemistry, SEC), or do fundamental chirality studies.

FT-IR can analyze nearly anything, making it a well suited technique for purity control and substance verification. This webinar explores applications of FT-IR in every area of chemistry, including as a method of reaction monitoring.
With the ability to perform time resolved spectroscopy, FT-IR is a powerful tool for physics applications. In this webinar, we discuss applications of FT-IR like kinetics studies, pump probe experiments, and investigating electron transfer.
FT-IR is an excellent tool for analyzing proteins and determining their structure, which allows it to be applied to many different life science applications. We discuss all the applications of this from food science to environmental studies.

OPUS TOUCH Release 5.1 | INVENIO | Q3 2023

New Function: Automatic data export after measurement

Measurement data of sample spectra can be automatically exported to various file formats after measurement. Available file formats: data point table, JCamp, Galactic, Pirouette, XML, Matlab 4, Matlab 5, and imzML.

New Function: Added new application centered workflows

OPUS-TOUCH 5.1 provides new dedicated workflows that make it even easier to work with dedicated accessories or special evaluation methods.

  • Emissivity Measurement Workflow: Calculate emissivity from reflection measurements using A562, A519, and A505 accessories.
  • Oil-in-Water Workflow: Quantify and report oil and grease in water, diesel exhaust fluid, anhydrous ammonia, and soil following ASTM D7575 using a guided workflow.
  • Multi-Measurement Workflow: Automatically average selected spectra and calculate both average and standard deviation spectra.

New Function: Graphical interface to setup hardware and experiment

A new graphical user interface intuitively guides the users through the setup of their experiment and the measurement.

Screenshot of data export setting
Screenshot of Multi-Measurement workflow settings
Screenshot of graphical user interface for instrument setup

OPUS Release 8.7  | INVENIO | Q3 2021

New Feature: OVP-X (Enhanced OPUS Validation Program)

In OPUS 8.7, OVP-X succeeds the current OVP routines for INVENIO FT-IR spectrometers with. OVP-X is responsible for calibration, test and qualification of INVENIO spectrometers. It provides comprehensive, reliable and easy calibration- and qualification-management of all INVENIO measurement channels.

  • Faster and easier setup of new accessories and extensions
  • Semi-automatic setup of measurement channels for more productivity

New Feature: Python Script Interface implemented into OPUS

It is now possible to create and execute Python scripts and to develop user-based methods directly in OPUS. This allows users to create their own evaluation routines based on Python. As Python is widely accepted as a programming standard in industry and science, this gives users advanced control over their analytical toolset.

  • Create and run Python scripts directly in spectrometer software OPUS
  • Develop application dedicated evaluation routines and use them in OPUS

New Feature: Multiple Spectral Range Measurement Function

Native OPUS function for highly automated multispectral range measurements, making use of the INVENIO’s unique MultiTect technology and the optional INTEGRAL interferometer with automatic beam splitter changer. Carry out fully automated measurements from FIR to UV/VIS region, optionally merged into one final spectrum. This software function is also available for VERTEX spectrometers.

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