BioAFM Applications


Correlate polymer structure, dynamic processes—including crystallization, phase separation, self-assembly, and electronic transfer—and function in real-world conditions

Oligomers and Nanofibers

Single Polymers

Imaged with NanoWizard® NanoScience AFM

​Dendronized Polymer

Dendronized polymer (PG3, third generation) measured with QI™ mode on mica in ethanol. The JPK SmallCell™ was used to measure in a closed liquid volume smaller than 200 μl. 3D height image with overlay of elasticity. Scan size: 1 μm x 1 μm; color texture range: 1 N/m.


Sample courtesy of:
Prof. A.D. Schlüter
Institut f. Polymere
ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Imaged with NanoWizard® NanoScience AFM

PHB/V Spherulite Crystallization

Phase images show a dynamic growth front of a polyhydroxybutyrate-covalerate (PHB/V) spherulite crystallization. Scan size 1.5 μm × 1.5 μm; line rate: 12 Hz.

Imaged with NanoWizard® NanoScience AFM


Kraton (styrenic block-copolymer) measured with QI™ mode, Scan size: 1 μm × 1 μm.

Imaged with NanoWizard® NanoScience AFM

Polystyrene-Block-Polybutadiene Film with QI™

Topography, adhesion, and elasticity of Polystyrene-block-polybutadiene film imaged in QI™ mode.

  • Top: Height image (scan size: 1 µm × 1 μm; z-range: 20 nm)
  • Bottom left: Adhesion image (scan size: 1 µm × 1 μm; adhesion range: 2 nN)
  • Bottom right: Elasticity image (scan size: 1 µm × 1 μm; elasticity range: 400 MPa)


Imaged with NanoWizard® Sense AFM

Diblock Copolymer

Height and phase images of diblock copolymer of polystyrene-block-polybutadiene. Scan field: 1 µm * 1 µm; z-range: 4 nm.

  • Top: Phase image
  • Bottom left: Height image
  • Bottom right: Amplitude image

Data courtesy of:
Eike-Christian Spitzner, group of Prof. Magerle
Technische Universität Chemnitz