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Integration of Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy (CLSM) with the JPK NanoTracker 2

Learn why the NanoTracker 2 Optical Tweezers system is fully compatible with CLSM

Optical Tweezers; NanoTracker; Confocal Scanning Laser Microscopy; CSLM; Optical Imaging; Optical Integration; Force Measurements; Optical trap

In integration of imaging techniques, such as optical tweezers and fluorescence microscopy, is gaining popularity and utility across disciplines in the life sciences.

This technical note describes the combination of optical manipulation and measurements with Bruker’s JPK NanoTracker and simultaneous confocal imaging. As discussed in this note, the unique optical design of the NanoTracker 2 allows for undisturbed, high quality confocal imaging and eliminated unwanted interactions between the trapping and scanning lasers.

Readers can expect to learn about:

  • The integration of the NanoTracker Optical Tweezers system with inverted optical microscopes;
  • How to work with the NanoTracker and the optimized camera, scanning and positioning options; and
  • The full compatibility of the NanoTracker with CSLM and any other advanced optical microscopy technique