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Optical Tweezers Combined with Multi-Fluorescence Microscopy

Read about the perfect intergration of Optical Tweezers with advanced fluorescence microscopy

Optical Tweezers; NanoTracker; Fluorescence Microscopy; Multi-Fluorescence Microscopy; Optical Integration; Optical Trap; Force Measurements

Fluorescence microscopy and optical tweezers are two useful tools across disciplines in the life sciences. One of the few instruments that is commercially available that combines both techniques is the JPK NanoTracker.

In this technical note, it is demonstrated that modifications performed by Bruker to an inverted microscope do not interfere with fluorescence or any other light microscopy technique. The two beam paths are not interfering with each other, which makes it possible to use different kinds of microscopy techniques at the same sample position and with the same trapped beads. Also, the possibility to use multi-fluorescently labeled samples and change the excitation and emission filters during operation is provided. 

Readers can expect to learn about:

  • The integration of the NanoTracker Optical Tweezers system into an inverted optical microscope; 
  • The advantages to perform experiments on multi-fluorescent samples; and
  • The full compatibility of the NanoTracker system with fluorescence microscopy or any other light microscopy technique.