Modern Polymer Applications in Manufacturing

How Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Can Support Your Polymer Value Chain End To End

Dr. Joerg Koehler studied physics and holds a doctoral degree from the Institute of Biophysics and Physical Biochemistry of the University of Regensburg. His research focused on High-Pressure-NMR based studies of folding intermediates of biochemically active macromolecules. After several positions in sales, sales management and business administration, he joined Bruker as Head of Business Unit Industrial. Today Dr Joerg Koehler is accountable for Bruker’s global activities in magnetic resonance in various industrial market segments including polymer. To apply Bruker values , representing the most modern way to the challenges of the industries.

In his video he is delving into the uses of polymers in everyday life and highlight innovations in its applications. Furthermore, it will explain how the specific technique of magnetic resonance provides advanced solutions to best serve the polymer value chain from end to end. Starting with basic academic research, innovations are transferred to more applicable and industrial environments and finally find their way into our daily life with well-known products of consistent quality.

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