New FoodScreener Essential Honey dedicated Honey Packers and honey testing

NEXCO is an Argentine company specialized in honey processing and trade. They are a leading supplier of high-quality honey with an annual production of about 60,000 tons, produced by 3 million hives widely distributed in the country. Listen to how the company’s Honey Collecting and Processing Center employs NMR technology and the FoodScreener Essential from Bruker as a core component of its honey analysis and quality assurance program.

The Honey-Profiling method is available on the new Bruker’s FoodScreener Essential Honey, a cost-effective system dedicated to Beekeepers’ associations and Honey Packers. Dedicated to Solely Honey-Profiling , fixed configuration, 24 Positions, optional Accessory, Manual barcode reading and guided sample insertion for an extremely easy, fast and automated honey analysis.