Get more out of your analytical data with Bruker AMIX software which uniquely combines NMR and MS data analysis
For NMR and MS Data
Combined analysis of NMR and MS data
Analysis of Large Data Sets
Designed workflows for statistical and spectroscopic analyses

Get the most out of your data. AMIX provides various integrated routines for statistical and spectroscopic analyses and can handle a large number of spectra at the same time.

AMIX is a unique tool that can handle NMR and MS data and combines both technologies for even deeper insights and more comprehensive analysis. This enhances the productivity for a wide variety of applications, such as metabolomics, building spectra bases and mixture analysis.

Apart from general analysis tools, specialized toolkits are offered for different applications. They may be run individually or in a combined mode.

  • Spectra Match
  • Spectral Algebra
  • Multi Integration
  • Spectra Bases
  • Metabolomics

AMIX 4 is our latest version and offers a streamlined and intuitive interface and is available for Windows platforms.

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  • Straightforward Evaluation of multi-modality data up to 2 dimensions (NMR, LC-NMR, MS, LC-MS)
  • Complete set of Spectra Analysis Tools including spectra algebra, pattern recognition, pattern exploration, high throughput tools, complete peak and multiplet analysis, data matching
  • A family of data manipulation and data management tools to prepare spectra and build up your own spectra bases
  • A command mode that allows important functionality like bucket table calculation and spectra matching to be executed in other program environments, e.g., in TopSpin Au programs
  • Flexible display set-up
  • Model building techniques




  • Different bucketing methods including import of external tables
  • Cross-validation and test set validation
  • Analysis of variable distributions to detect up/down regulation
  • Covariance analysis and combined covariance analysis
  • Direct sum formula calculation from mass loadings
  • Combination with profiling results

Metabolomic examinations can be handled in a professional way with:

  • Full spectra access from scores, influence and Hotelling’s plots
  • Direct linkage between loadings and spectral regions as well as linkage between loadings and spectra bases for identification of compounds
  • Linkage to external attribute table

Spectra Bases

AMIX contains all necessary tools to build up your own spectra bases or use Bruker’s commercial spectra base. Spectra are cleaned-up and assigned before being stored in a special compressed format. Automation and history tracking allows fast batch processing. User defined keys, molecular information, links to external data bases can be attached to spectra. Efficient selection of data is available in all major AMIX toolkits.

  • Preparation toolkit to clean up spectra
  • Automated and batch clean-up tools available
  • Clean-up tracking via history mechanism
  • Attachment of user defined keys for efficient selection from spectra bases
  • Multiple alternative compound names
  • Spectra bases may contain 1D, 2D NMR data and molecular structures
  • AMIX can handle multiple spectra bases


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