Bruker’s latest innovation in proactive NMR monitoring and maintenance is AutoDiagnose, combining the already well-established remote monitoring solution with AutoCalibrate, the automated NMR performance check.


System Overview
Keep a close eye on your systems
Save Time
Focus on what matters - your experiments
Easy to Use
No NMR expertise required
Bruker AutoDiagnose Flyer




Spectrometers´ System Overview
Full visualization of the health status of your spectrometers


System Configuration
Clear component identification for an easy order


AutoCalibrate result monitoring (if available)
Support in proactively identify probe performance changes



AutoDiagnose provides a user-friendly graphical interface to display and monitor the performance of the system. Users can remotely check the system status and the Bruker service team can analyze results and detect potential poor component performance on your NMR instrument. When combined with AutoCalibrate, proper instrument calibration is supported.

AutoDiagnose increases system protection and can provide expert supervision, thereby enabling customers to focus less on the technology and more on their molecular analysis or research.

Start your experiments with a well-tuned instrument by combining AutoDiagnose with AutoCalibrate. Users can receive daily/regular testing reports about the automated calibration of the NMR’s parameters.

LabScape AutoDiagnose is currently available for NMR instruments

Key Benefits

Keep a close eye on your NMR systems

Free up your time to focus on what matters, your experiments

Save time & money with more remote assistance based on monitored parameters

Proactive identification of critical system parameter changes by your Bruker service

Enhance maximum productivity and performance for your NMR instrument