MRI Trainings

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Registration received

MRI Training 2021: Registration Received

We thank you for your registration for the virtual Advanced Imaging Course (March 15 - 26) which we hereby confirm.

Please make sure that you can access your MRI system equipped with ParaVision 360 during the whole training time.

The course is designed for ParaVision 360 users. Users operating ParaVision 6 are welcome, but ParaVision 360 imaging and processing of the course may vary from imaging and processing of ParaVision 6. The course will cover some modules only available when purchased with optional ParaVision licenses (e.g. Angio, Cardio).

We will send you the link to open the course as well as all necessary documentation and information approximately 8 – 10 days before beginning of the course.

We are looking forward to meeting you virtually in March!


Best regards,

Your Bruker Team