Solid Form Quantification of APIs with Benchtop TD-NMR – Form Check 2.0

Bruker introduces a new version of the minispec Form Check for quantification of polymorphs and amorphous form and invites Luca Venturi of Chiesi Farmaceutici to present his latest results which explore the boundaries of the method.

Webinar Overview

The majority of active pharmaceutical ingredients exhibit two or more crystalline forms, which - showing significant variation in properties such as solubility, dissolution rate and stability – directly impact drug product quality and performance. Form selection and control is therefore highly important through all stages of drug development and manufacturing.

The minispec Form Check approaches the quantification of solid forms from a completely different angle than other techniques (e.g. PXRD, Raman, IR), using longitudinal (T1) NMR relaxation to distinguish phases and taking advantage of the inherently linear relationship between sample mass and signal intensity of nuclear magnetic resonance. This notably allows quantification of low levels of amorphous content with the same certainty as crystalline forms, where other methods (like XRD or thermal analysis) are challenged with significant quantitation errors.

The new minispec Form Check 2.0 combines the reliable minispec mq20 benchtop spectrometer with the well-established IconNMR interface for simple experiment submission, and Mestre’s Mnova software for automatic data analysis.

Key Learnings

  • Cost-effectiveness, small footprint, cryogen-free, solid form quantification
  • Quantification of low levels of polymorphs and amorphous form
  • API phase quantification

What to Expect

Karl Ratzsch will start with the introduction of the new minispec FormCheck 2.0, a solution for polymorph and amorphous form quantification using benchtop TD-NMR.

Luca Venturi will then discuss how the relaxation parameters of a given pair of solid forms influences the accuracy of the Form Check experiment, using a combination of experimental and in-silico data to give the user a thorough understanding of the range of applicability of this method.

Who Should Attend?

The webinar is aimed at those working in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in drug development and production of pharmaceuticals: laboratory managers, heads of R&D, analytical development, quality control and manufacturing.

The webinar is also of interest to academics collaborating with pharmaceutical industry and to other industries who face challenges in formulating solid mixtures.


Karl Ratzsch, PhD
Scientist, Bruker Biospin GmbH, Germany

After having studied chemistry at the universities of Karlsruhe and Freiburg, Germany, Karl obtained a Doctorate in polymer chemistry, with dissertation title ‘In-situ combination of TD-NMR and Rheology’. He then joined Bruker Biospin as a project engineer in R&D and recently moved to the Pharmaceutical Business Unit to develop novel TD-NMR solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Luca Venturi, PhD
NMR Specialist, Chiesi Farmaceutici SPA, Italy

Luca obtained a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from the University of Bologna, Italy. He then joined the Small Molecules and Structural Analysis Unit at Chiesi Farmaceutici, where he provides NMR structural elucidation support to medicinal chemists, for the discovery of new chemical entities. Luca is mainly involved in the implementation and transfer of new NMR-based approaches in the early phase of drug discovery. His expertise also includes MRI, multidimensional relaxometry and pulse sequence programming.

Dr. Matteo Pennestri

Product Manager, Pharmaceutical Business Unit, Bruker

Matteo Pennestri obtained his Ph.D. in Biophysical methods at the University of Tor Vergata Rome (collaboration with Merck Sharp and Dohme). Then he moved as NMR spectroscopist in the pharmaceutical industry (MSD and EISAI). After experiencing the pharma sector, he joined as application scientist Agilent Technologies first (ex. Varian) and Bruker afterwards. Recently he joined the Bruker Pharma unit as NMR specialist and product manager.


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