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Bruker Vutara VXL: Quantitative Super-Resolution Platform With Bi-Plane Detection and Multiplexed Imaging

Discover the unique technology, capabilities, and advantages of the Vutara VXL SMLM
Presented by: Sam Penwell, Ph.D. (Systems Engineer Vutara VXL, Bruker) and Winfried Wiegraebe, Ph.D. (Product Manager Super-Resolution Microscopy, Bruker) (September 26, 2022)


  • [00:00:00] What is the Bruker Vutara VXL
  • [00:06:42] Inside the Vutara VXL
  • [00:14:34] 3D Imaging with Bruker Bi-Plane
  • [00:24:00] PlexFlo Multplexing Platform
  • [00:30:08] Q&A