Handheld XRF spectrometers

Upgraded S1 TITAN and CTX Graphene Product Line

All S1 TITAN and CTX models now feature a state-of-the-art silicon drift detector (SDD) with graphene window, a new powerful X-ray source, as well as new high-speed pulse processing electronics.

Ultra Fast and Precise Analysis

  • State of the art graphene window SDD detector, protected by Bruker Detector Shield™
  • New powerful X-ray source with precise SharpBeam™ collimator 
  • High speed pulse processing electronics
  • Over two times faster alloy analysis as the previous generation
  • Significantly improved light element performance for all applications (800 and 500S models)

The S1 TITAN and CTX are available in three high-performance configurations 800, 500S, and 500, all sharing the same advanced detector and pulse processing technology. All S1 TITAN and CTX models are equipped with Bruker patented Detector Shield™ which provides guaranteed  defense against costly detector punctures. As a result, the end-user can expect fast and reliable analysis regardless of the chosen model.