S2 PUMA Series 2

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Academia, R&D and Education, Pharma & Biotech, Safety, Environmental and Governmental, Service & Contract Labs, Automotive, Ceramics, Glass & Industrial Minerals - S2 PUMA Series 2 Applications

Academia, R&D and Education

Fundamental research from agriculture to geoscience, from material science to zooarchaeology can bring with it a wide variety of sample materials for elemental analysis. Many professional occupations require extensive knowledge about analytical techniques. Elemental analysis is one of the most common laboratory requirements and as such students should learn the ropes of XRF technology.

This demands for an instrument, which is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate various sample types and deliver best analytical performance. At the same time the instrument should be easy to operate if accessed by a larger group of users.

The S2 PUMA Series 2 Carousel offers these benefits: With its 12- or 18-position sample tray, it can handle solid and liquid samples in any prepared form and with the sample tray removed, even large bulk samples fit into its sample chamber (45 x 42 x 10 cm).

An integrated HD camera and a selection of collimator masks (1 to 28 mm) enable the analysis of small spots on bulk samples. Different user levels allow the main user to restrict access, ensuring data and system integrity. The standardless solution SMART-QUANT FP allows the user to quickly identify the elemental composition of unknown samples.

Excellent analytical performance – even for light elements – is ensured through the combination of a high-power 50 W X-ray tube with the HighSenseTM detectors.

Pharma & Biotech

Research and product quality are both important applications in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Particularly the products from these industry segments underlie strict regulations, as to ensure the quality of resulting medications and other products. This makes reliable and precise analysis inevitable.

EDXRF is particularly suitable for quick verification of incoming raw material as well as for production monitoring (Process Analytical Technology, PAT), including heavy metal impurity analysis and foreign object identification. EDXRF has some key advantages compared to more traditional methods such as ICP; these include ease-of-use, no or minimal sample preparation, and short time-to results.

The S2 PUMA Series 2’s powerful optical components enable it to analyze heavy metals (contaminants) and platinum group elements (from process catalyst) to monitor the product quality and the manufacturing process.

The XY Autochanger is dedicated for high sample throughput applications. The instrument uses a similar sample handling mechanism as known from larger WDXRF instruments, but can be operated easily with minimal training via TouchControl™. The intuitive touchscreen software allows the routine operation of the instrument without external PC.

Many areas of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries fall under regulations as defined by the FDA under 21 CFR Part 11 and others. These regulations describe how data integrity should be achieved and the analytical requirements for many elements which might occur as contamination. The 21 CFR Part 11-compliant instrument software SPECTRA.ELEMENTS allows for safe data handling and trackable instrument operation.  

Safety, Environmental and Governmental

Increasing sensitivity towards environmental issues makes analytical solutions necessary, which can provide reliable elemental data. Applications cover a wide range and are very diverse. Some of the more common requests include the analysis of soils and filtered particles.

Consumer Safety applications basically deal with all personal commercial goods, while focusing on products of daily use and products which can be exposed to the user directly, e.g., cosmetics, some electronic products, and toys. Consumer safety is typically regulated by authorities. Regulations such as RoHS and WEEE are just some examples, which make elemental analyses on all sorts of products inevitable.

When governmental institutions are delivering elemental analysis results on which decisions makers as well as the public rely on, there is no margin for error. This demands for an easy-to-use instrument, which can handle all sorts of samples.

Choose the optimal configuration for your requirements: Select the S2 PUMA Series 2 XY Autochanger with 20-position EasyLoad™ tray for highest throughput. It allows for autonomous analysis of larges batches, while enabling the user to add, replace or remove samples at any time. Choose the S2 PUMA Series 2 Carousel when dealing with variable sample sizes. The largest EDXRF sample chamber with a removable 12- or 18-position tray makes it possible to quickly switch from batch mode to the measurement of large bulk samples. The collimator masks together with the HD camera allow defining the spot size on an area of interest.

The ergonomic TouchControl™ touchscreen ensures straightforward operation. The HighSense™ XP silicon drift detector enables short measurement times even for light elements. For quick overview analysis on unknown samples, the standardless solution SMART-QUANT FP provides the operator with reliable results without prior calibration.  

Service & Contract Labs

Deliver promised results, in time, per required specifications, and fulfill the appropriate norms – is what customers demand. This can be challenging.

Constantly changing sample types, high sample throughput, and reliable instrumentation are just a few of the requirements to the analytical equipment in a contract lab. Luckily, the S2 PUMA Series 2 has got you covered.

XY Autochanger is made for the autonomous analysis of large sample batches, supported by the versatile yet ergonomic instrument control software SPECTRA.ELEMENTS, which makes instrument calibration as easy as it gets.

GEO-QUANT Basic is a ready-to-go calibration solution for geo-materials covering a wide range of inorganic geo samples and delivers high quality results. For specimens where no standards are available, the standardless fundamental parameter solution SMART-QUANT FP is there to deliver fast and reliable analyses.


The automotive industry deals with many different material types, ranging from liquids such as lubricants, to ceramics, to metals and alloys. These materials must be controlled not only for product quality, but also to gain valuable information about processes they are used in.

Instruments which can analyze all those materials, with short measurement times, and are easy to operate are quite a benefit. EDXRF can provide you with this advantage.
Take the analysis of wear metals in lubricant oil for example. This is an important indicator in the development and product life cycle applications.

With its high-power 50 W X-ray tube, the S2 PUMA Series 2 ensures high intensities, the SampleCare™ system protects the system’s vital components from contamination, and the TouchControl™ interface enables users with only very minimal amounts of training to confidently operate the instrument without external PC.

Ceramics, Glass & Industrial Minerals

Non-metallic materials such as industrial minerals are an important resource. They have been used for potteries and glass products and are still used there. But new technologies have found other uses for them. For those, however, stringent quality requirements must be met.

High-purity silica is a base material for silicon wafers and a sought-after resource; magnesium carbonate of high quality is an important ingredient for a suite of high-end refractories.

The chemical compositions of these raw materials must be carefully monitored, as impurities can result in unwanted alterations of the end-product’s characteristics.

The S2 PUMA Series 2 is equipped with a high-power 50 W X-ray tube and next generation HighSense™ detector technology, delivering accurate results within minutes.

GEO-QUANT Basic solution package is designed to make use of these technological advantages and enables the user to set-up a calibration for many geo-materials in no-time.