X-ray Fluorescence (XRF)


Simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Tailor-made for the Industry


26 + X
Simultaneous WD Element Channels + X Multielement Channel Elements
Tailor-made to your needs, without any compromise
24 / 7 / 365
Process Control at Minute Intervals
In harmony with the speed of your process, fully automated
60 kV / 170 mA
Excitation Conditions, max.
For the most accurate and precise results as fast as possible

Elemental Analysis with XRF

The S8 LION´s simultaneous wavelength dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WDXRF) spectrometer provides the fastest time-to-result for process and quality control in the cement, minerals & mining and metal industries.

Based on multichannel technology the S8 LION delivers, for up to 26 elements, very precise and accurate results within shortest measurement time. For cement industry the S8 LION can additionally measure the free lime concentration in raw materials, intermediate compounds and final products. High savings on energy costs and reduction of the CO2 emissions are achievable with these results. For maximum analytical flexibility, the optional Multielement ChannelTM collects the entire spectrum of each sample, similar to an elemental fingerprint.

SampleCareTM ensures maximum uptime and productivity with the tube-above-sample setup to protect the S8 LION against all kinds of contamination. It also positions the sample with absolute zero tolerance for best precision on results.

Dedicated to industrial use, the S8 LION combines ease-of-use with highest analytical speed and highest reliability. The TouchControlTM interface allows easy, intuitive, failsafe operation without training. Several languages for the user interface are available including English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and Portuguese.

The simultaneous WDXRF spectrometer S8 LION is the perfect analytical tool for rapid, precise and reliable process and quality control for the industry.


S8 LION Applications

Cement, industrial minerals and mining

In industries with large flows of materials, enormous quantities of valuable raw materials are handled in elaborate processes. The task of process control and quality control is therefore clear: to deliver extremely accurate results, immediately and reliably!

For process control, the S8 LION’s sixteen element channels measure the 26 elements important to large-scale production of cement, industrial minerals and mining materials in concentrations of 100% to ppm.

For cement industry, this includes the control of raw meal, clinker, and cement. The spectrometer also optionally offers an unique XRD channel for free lime (CaO) analysis as it is crucial for the stability and efficiency of the oven process and therefore for keeping energy costs low and product quality high. All applicable industry standards, like ASTM C114, EN 196-2 and ISO 29581-2, are easily matched or even exceeded.

All applicable industry standards, like ASTM C114, EN 196-2 and ISO 29581-2, are easily matched or even exceeded.

Typical industrial minerals applications include the process control of alumina, bauxite, quartz, dolomite, iron ores and many more.

S8 LION Applications


Configured for metal applications, the uniformity of the produced metal alloys has to be ensured. Here the S8 LION proves to be the best choice in terms of accurate results from the very beginning.

The instrument covers a broad range of alloy compositions and delivers accurate results no matter what the concentration. Its highly sensitive element channels cope with a dynamic range from very low traces to elements with high concentrations up to 100%.

Time always matters. Most especially, the production process of metal is time and energy consuming. Therefore, measurement speed is a crucial issue. With the S8 LION, time delay is minimized: It offers a fast approval of the cast sample or immediate results to calculate the exact tonnage to be added. Its intuitive handling, and the simultaneous analysis of the elements assure the most effective process.

Furthermore, the S8 LION offers best data safety: The most important elements, analyzed with single element channels are controlled permanently with a second simultaneous measurement using the spectrum from the Multielement Channel™ - the unique Dual Mode.

  • Dedicated analyzer for process control in metals
  • Ready to analyze solution for ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Direct, non-destructive analysis of solid and pressed samples

S8 LION Specifications

  Specification Benefit
X-ray power
  • S8 LION 3 kW 3 kW 60 kV max. 150 mA max.
  • S8 LION 4 kW 4 kW 60 kV max. 170 mA max.
Analytical Performance (better precision and detection limits), optimal heavy element analysis with high mA at full power for shortest measurement times
WD element channel Up to 26 max. For maximum analytical flexibility
XRD Free-lime channel* For S8 LION 4 kW Designed for the needs of the cement industry, to ensure the stability and efficiency of the oven process
Multielement Channel™* Dual mode data acquisition for all elements from Na to U Maximum analytical flexibility with measurement of entire spectrum
Attenuators Up to 6 (50%, 80%, 95% - silver or stainless steel) Allows the analysis of wide concentration ranges
  • Proportional flow counters with windows: 0.6 µm or 1.5 µm
  • Sealed proportional counters : 25 µm Be Scintillation counter
Best analytical performance by lighter and heavier elements and their respective energy ranges
Sample dimensions
  • Bare samples with Ø 33 – 51.5 mm
  • Thickness 30 mm max.
  • Weight 500 g max.
Ability to handle wide range of different kind of samples
Sample handling
  • 8 positions for cups
  • 10 positions for 51.5 mm sample rings
  • 12 positions for 40 mm sample rings
  • ONLINE 8 positions for 51.5 mm sample rings or 9 positions for 40 mm with conveyor belts
  • AutoChanger / ONLINE AutoChanger for 90 samples in 6 magazines with 15 samples each for Ø 51.5mm rings
Maximum flexibility by handling cups, process samples and various ring sample holders of ONLINE automation interface for robot or conveyor belt connection
Vacuum system Vaccum pump integrated Fully controlled by the instrument
EasyLoad™ Automated sample drawer with 12 positions for 51.5 mm steel rings
or 14 positions for 40 mm steel rings
Quick and automated drawer for safe storage of reference, drift correction and QC samples
TouchControl™ Integrated touchscreen for easy and intuitive operation, online language switch: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Korean, … Easy-to-use, in your own language. Standalone operation in tough environments, IslandMode™ with no need for PC, mouse or keyboard operation
Power consumption and connection 7 kVA, 208 – 230 V (50/60 Hz), 40 A single phase or 32 A three phase Maximum flexibility for all kinds of laboratory and industrial installations
Dimensions 193 cm x 84 cm x 118 cm (height x width x depth)
76’’ x 33.1’’ x 46.4’’
Touchscreen: allow additional 49 cm (19.3’’)
560 kg / 1235 lbs
Small footprint, perfect for installations in industrial environments
Cooling water Automatically regulated, pressure 4 to 6 bar with no back pressure, temperature: 10 to 20 °C High analytical precision, better temperature stability
Compressed air 6 – 8 bar, oil free, 7 L/min
Compressor, oil-free, silent, 50 Hz (K130C57) or 60 Hz (K130C58)
Detector gas P 10 gas (10% methane, 90% argon) required for proportional flow counters Standard industrial gas, with optimized, small gas consumption
Quality and safety DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001:2015, 2006/42/EC (CE-certified Machinery directive), 2014/35/EC (Electrical equipment), 2014/30/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), German Type Approval and Vollschutz according to BfS RöV, Fully radiation-protected system; radiation <1 μSv/h (H*), Compliant to ICRP, IAEA, EURATOM Fully radiation-protected system with German Type Approval minimizes regulatory efforts
*Optional packages

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