XRF Solutions


Getting the maximum out of XRF to achieve best quality

Today’s challenge in cement production is to establish the close monitoring of all materials involved in the process. In cooperation with cement manufacturers, Bruker AXS has developed the unique XRF solution to make this analytical task an easy job in daily routine.

With the powerful analytical solution CEMENT-QUANT XRF users are able to utilize the maximum performance of the S8 TIGER Series 2, S8 LION, S6 JAGUAR and S2 PUMA for process and quality control in cement works - quickly and simply.

XRF results compliant to ASTM, EN, and ISO

CEMENT-QUANT provides a workflow to meet good laboratory practice (GLP). This includes a quality check procedure for instrument stability and a repeatability check for the sample preparation – fully compliant to the international norms ASTM C114 and DIN EN ISO 29581-2.

What´s more, CEMENT-QUANT contains a set of predefined applications for the XRF analysis of process materials like raw mix, clinker, and cement prepared as pressed pellets and for the most accurate results as fused beads.

The complete XRF-package for all tasks – traceable CRM included

Create traceable and accurate calibrations for your factory material in three steps only – as CEMENT-QUANT comes with a set of international certified reference materials (CRM).

  • Step 1 – Preparation of the certified reference samples as fused beads
  • Step 2 – Measurement of these reference samples with the CEMENT-QUANT method
  • Step 3 – Calibration - Ready to analyze! Traceable to NIST!

According to GLP requirements an additional QC sample is included to establish the routine quality check with automatic limit monitoring. Save weeks of calibration and learning time – as CEMENT-QUANT frees laboratory staff in cement QC from time consuming application development.