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Dedicated consumables for dedicated applications

Consumables and reagent kits for basic identification

Turning samples into insights: our consumables lead the straightforward way

Increasing microbiology lab efficiency with MBT Biotarget 96

Are you tired of time-consuming cleaning protocols and staff training for reusable targets in your microbiology lab? Look no further. The MBT Biotarget 96 is here to simplify your laboratory processes, boost productivity, and save you time and effort.

Disposable and cost-effective

The MBT Biotarget 96 features 96 sample positions and is a disposable MALDI target plate, eliminating the need for cleaning protocols and costly validation procedures. Say goodbye to the hassle of training staff on target cleaning for reusable steel plates. Productivity soars as you reclaim precious time previously spent on target plate cleaning.

Enhanced liquid sample preparation

Our patented AnchorChip™ effect, with a hydrophobic surface coating surrounding hydrophilic sample positions, makes sure your samples stay on their designated spots, thus avoiding cross-contamination. This advanced feature ensures safe and precise MALDI sample preparation, further enhancing your lab's efficiency.

An MBT Biotarget 96 being placed into a MALDI Biotyper® sirius one system

Bacterial Test Standard - Not just E. coli, not just calibration

At the heart of MALDI-TOF top performance lies precision calibration in line with the highest laboratory standards. Our approach involves utilizing a stable and accurately characterized Bacterial Test Standard (BTS) that spans the entirety of the mass range relevant to your work. No extrapolation. The real work. 

We go further to streamline your workflow. The Bacterial Test Standard is conveniently shipped as a stable lyophilized powder, eliminating the need for time-consuming daily cultivation steps. 

But that's not all. BTS is part of our IDealTune feature, an innovation seamlessly integrated into the MBT Compass HT software platform. The key parameters of the MALDI-TOF system are automatically finetuned in the background while analyzing BTS within the normal sample run, without requiring further action. This way, your system consistently delivers highest quality results you can rely on.

Instant soluble MALDI matrix HCCA 

Only one tiny droplet is required per sample. Nevertheless, matrix plays a crucial role in MALDI by facilitating the ionization and desorption of analytes, protecting them from damage, and enhancing the overall sensitivity and signal quality of the mass spectrometry analysis. The type and quality of matrix can significantly impact the success of your analysis with MALDI.  

In MALDI Biotyper® workflows, α-Cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid (HCCA) is used as a matrix for most applications. Bruker’s “instant soluble” HCCA matrix enables easy and convenient preparation of HCCA matrix solutions. It is delivered in a stable, dried form, portioned conveniently. As the matrix is critical for the quality of the results, the Bruker HCCA matrix undergoes a special purification process and strict quality control to guarantee its constant excellent performance with the MALDI Biotyper®.


Dedicated consumables for every microbiology lab

Please contact your local representative for availability in your country.

Consumables for the RUO/GP MALDI Biotyper®

For Research use only. Not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures.

  • Bruker Bacterial Test Standard
  • Bruker Matrix HCCA, portioned 
  • MBT Biotarget 96  
  • MALDI Sepsityper® Kit 50  
  • MBT STAR®-Carba Kit  
  • MBT STAR®-Cepha Kit  
  • MBT Mycobacteria Kit  
  • MBT Lipid Xtract™ Kit 

Consumables for the IVD MALDI Biotyper®

For professional use only. Not for sale in the USA. 

  • IVD Bacterial Test Standard 
  • IVD Matrix HCCA-portioned
  • MBT Biotarget 96 IVD 
  • MBT Sepsityper® IVD Kit  
  • MBT STAR®-Carba IVD Kit 
  • MBT STAR®-Cepha IVD Kit 
  • MBT Mycobacteria IVD Kit 

Consumables for the US IVD MALDI Biotyper® CA System

Only for sale in the USA and Puerto Rico. For prescription use only 

  • US IVD HCCA portioned
  • MBT Biotarget 96 US IVD 
  • MBT Sepsityper® Kit US IVD 

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