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NanoScope 6 Controller

Unmatched power and capabilities for Dimension Icon®, FastScan®, XR, HPI, Pro, and MultiMode® 8HR AFMs

NanoScope 6 Controller: Leading-Edge Technology with a Legacy of Innovation

Featuring higher speeds, lower noise, and greater AFM mode flexibility, the NanoScope® 6 AFM controller provides unprecedented capabilities and customization for nanoelectrical and nanomechanical property measurements with Bruker AFMs. Its open-architecture design allows users to quickly customize and optimize scanning parameters to meet even the most demanding application requirements. This latest generation controller enables proprietary AFM modes that competing systems cannot properly perform. Ultimately, NanoScope 6 delivers ultimate ease of use without compromising function or flexibility to support high-impact research and innovation for both academia and industry.


New standard (●) or optional (○) modes enabled by upgrading your Dimension-family AFM system. Features with asterisk (*) also apply to MultiMode AFMs.

Only NanoScope 6:

  • Enables the next generation of PeakForce Tapping and more unique modes than any other platform, including AFM-nDMA, SECM, SS-PFM, and DataCubes for quantitative data in every application
  • Utilizes an expandable open architecture for custom experiments and future developments with full signal access, real-time scripting, and Python data integration
  • Provides ultimate ease of use with Bruker’s exclusive ScanAsyst®, including complete self-optimization and elimination of cantilever tuning
  • Delivers automation capability for QA/QC applications, with all advanced modes and full report generation

Unmatched Access to Our Expansive AFM Imaging Mode Library

NanoScope 6 enables all of the most popular AFM imaging modes while also enabling more unique Bruker modes than even other NanoScope controllers. These include:

  • PeakForce SECM;
  • PeakForce QNM High Accuracy;
  • Fast Force Volume (standard and Contact Resonance);
  • Icon Fast-Tapping;
  • AFM-nDMA; and
  • DataCube modes.

This controller also supports the next level of performance and capability for Bruker's proprietary PeakForce Tapping technology and enables exclusive access to Switching Spectroscopy Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (SS-PFM) — the newest, most advanced nanoelectrical imaging mode available.


Optimal Performance for Challenging Experiments

The NanoScope 6 features multiple high-speed 16-bit ADCs at 50 MHz and 10 MHz combined with user-controllable digital filtering, digital signal normalization, and eight 20-bit ADCs at 500 kHz. High-speed data acquisition of the fastest events runs in parallel to the high-speed, low-noise feedback and acquisition of eight image channels at highest resolution and repeatability. Scan control occurs at 32-bit resolution with 2 MHz update rate for lowest noise even at high scan rates and without need for limit adjustments. 

These combined features enable NanoScope 6 to achieve uniquely high sensitivity and accuracy for low- and small-signal collection and quantitative measurements as well as best-in-class control of noise, crosstalk, and background.

Its innovative design and architecture also optimize the NanoScope 6 for nanoelectrocal measurement sequences, delivering enhanced STM, CAFM/TUNA, and PFM performance.

Unparalleled Ease of Use in the Broadest Range of Applications

NanoScope 6 is compatible with reliable, commercially-available probes, offers the ability to fully automate measurement and analysis, and promises easier signal interpretation in the absence of obstructive noise and background. Combined with exclusive ScanAsyst, AutoMET, and RampScript software integrations, NanoScope 6 offers even users with little-to-no AFM experience the ability to probe complex samples and collect high-quality data.

This makes the NanoScope 6 the easies-to-use and most accuracte and efficient AFM controller available for even complex experiments. It also demonstrates the greatest possible versatility for use across the materials sciences, semiconductor, and electronics industries and in measurement application areas ranging from polymers and battery research to the development of advanced thin films, coatings, and ICs.

Frequently Asked Questins

About the NanoScope 6 Controller Upgrade

How do I upgrade to the NanoScope 6 controller?

Regardless of the system you have, we will be happy to work with you to expand your AFM measurement capabilities with a NanoScope 6 controller. Older instruments may require a trade in to be eligible for an upgrade. Contact us to speak with a Bruker AFM expert.

What if I have a MultiMode or Dimension 3100 with a NanoScope 3 or 4 controller?

We are able to facilitate an upgrade to the NanoScope 6 controller for MultiMode systems currently paired with a NanoScope 3 or 4 controller. For customers with a Dimension 3100 AFM system with a NanoScope 3 or 4 controller, we have a trade-in program.

Does the NanoScope 6 Controller upgrade come with a new computer or do we use our existing one?

The NanoScope 6 upgrade includes a new Windows 10 computer, a new digital signal processor (DSP) board, and a USB speaker for the existing 30-inch monitor. You keep the old computer, minus the DSP board.

Can I keep my old controller and PC?

No. The NanoScope 6 upgrade includes the return of your old controller, the computer’s DSP board, and the Extender Electronics Module (if applicable) to Bruker.

Do the software keys for the modes I have still work with the upgrade?

In almost all cases, yes (depending on the age of your existing controller).

The keys operating on your existing system will be functional with the NanoScope 6 controller. Our factory configures your new controller and PC prior to shipment for a smooth transition to the new controller. Talk with us about any specific functionality you are concerned may be affected by the upgrade.

What other AFM components will need to be upgraded along with the controller?

Most existing modes and AFM hardware will work as normal, or even better with the NanoScope 6 controller. However, it may be necessary to upgrade some ancillary items (eg. SAM V). We have worked hard to include most components in the upgrade kit. Talk with us about your specific equipment configuration for more information.

Can I upgrade the controller myself?

We recommend scheduling a 1-day on-site visit from a Bruker service engineer to upgrade your AFM controller.

Our engineers work with you to ensure successful controller installation, optimum operation of your AFM, and retention of your preexisting AFM capabilities. Your upgrade appointment will also include an introduction to the new modes and capabilities provided by the NanoScope 6 controller and hands-on training and practical guidance for their use.

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