Nanomechanical Testing

nanoDMA III - Dynamic Nanoindentation

Nanoscale dynamic mechanical analysis

Quantitative nanoscale depth-profiling and viscoelastic property measurements

CMX depth profile on (100) Aluminum from 2 nm - 110 nm. Discontinuities in the data are due to dislocation bursts occurring during the nanomechanical test.

Bruker’s nanoDMA III (nanoscale Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) is a powerful new dynamic testing technique used to perform nanoscale mechanical property measurements. nanoDMA III is equipped with newly developed CMX control algorithms to provide a truly continuous measurement of mechanical properties as a function of depth into a material’s surface. CMX provides a quantitative and truly continuous measurement of mechanical properties — including hardness, storage modulus, loss modulus, complex modulus, and tan delta — as a function of indentation depth, frequency, and time.

One hour creep test on copper and cement using the reference frequency creep testing technique.

Powerful Nanoscale Dynamic Characterization

High bandwidth transducer and control electronics are fully optimized for nanoscale dynamic testing and provide industry-leading performance, sensitivity, and a broad dynamic range. Hysitron’s unique coupled AC/DC force modulation routine enables true nanoscale mechanical characterization and is not subjected to the slow feedback response times that plague other nanoscale dynamic stiffness techniques. nanoDMA III incorporates a unique reference frequency technique for thermal drift correction during the course of an experiment, enabling long-duration frequency sweeps and creep tests to be reliably performed at the nanoscale.