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Material Mapping


Icon supports Bruker’s patent-pending PeakForce QNM® Imaging Mode, enabling researchers to map and distinquish quanitatively between nanomechanical properties while simultaneously imaging sample topography at high resolution. This technology operates over an extremely wide range (1MPa to 50GPA for modulus and 10pN to 10μn for adhesion) to characterize a large variety of sample types.

Electrical Characterization


Carry out electrical characterization at the nanoscale with greater sensitivity and dynamic range using proprietary modes. Combine these investigations with other techniques, such as Dark Lift, for artifact-free results in scanning capacitance microscopy, scanning spreading resistance, tunneling AFM or torsional resonance tunneling AFM.



Perform manipulation and lithography at the nanometer and molecular scales. The Icon’s XYZ closed-loop scanner provides precise probe positioning with no piezo creep and extremely low noise for the best positioning of any available nanomanipulation system.

Heating and Cooling


Execute temperature control and thermal analysis on samples from –35°C to 250°C while scanning in various AFM modes. Alternately, perform sub-100nm local heating to 400°C using a thermal probe.